"Penner’s moving folk- and rock-inspired songs are another highlight. If the soundtrack were available, I’d have snapped it up on the spot." - NOW magazine 

BOBLO collage by Emalee Brandenburg 

Additional featured voices - Steven McCarthy, Bev Brandenburg, Al Block, Trent Pardy, Amy Rutherford, Margaret Snow, Sophia Walker. 

Radio sounds and additional recordings on 'Carnival Will Travel' by Andrew O'Connor 

Illustrations by Howie Shia

Music and Lyrics by Andrew Penner
Text by Erin Brandenburg 

Music from the award winning concert theatre production of BOBLO directed by Steven McCarthy in a co-Production with The Theatre Centre.   BOBLO tells the story of the human, natural and mythic history of an abandoned island amusement park in the Detroit River.

Produced by Andrew Penner.  
Recorded and mixed at The Cellar and The Lincoln County Social Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Featuring  ANDREW PENNER, Anna Atkinson, Gordon Bolan, Erin Brandenburg, George Meanwell, Michael Rosenthal, Alan Penner.

This recording made through the generous support of:

​"the genius of BOBLO was that it somehow managed to distill the surreality of memory surrounding the place, the sensory, impressionistic recollections that fit together ill and seem more impossible the more time that passes." - torontostandard.com 

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"Kitchenband combines live music and theatre to create shows that function as living scrapbooks, preserving and propagating the memory of near-forgotten communities" - NOW magazine

Download the full Album from Bandcamp and as a special bonus get BOBLO Island Redux - a radio collage by Andrew O'Connor based on scenes and sounds from BOBLO.