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Welcome to the Albion VR Project

The Albion VR Project is a digital installation of 360-degree videos filmed in the Albion Public Library created by Kitchenband and Toasterlab. To view them you will need a smartphone or tablet and you will need to download the YouTube app.

How Does it Work?

Once you are in the map, try using your fingers to move around. The icons you see are the locations in the library where the videos have been recorded. If you get lost, press the home button to centre yourself in the library. 

When you tap on an icon it will open up a 360 VR video in YouTube for that location. It will move with you as you look around. It works even better if you have a VR viewer. 

Why Do I Need YouTube?

The videos in the library have been recorded in a 360-degree format, which lets you look around as if you are really there. To make it accessible to most people on the most devices we are using YouTube. If you don't have the app you can download it here: 

Android / iPhone/iPad

Once the video has opened in YouTube you will need to press the Google cardboard icon to view it in a cardboard VR viewer. 


To view the Albion VR Project - click here


The Albion VR Project

Participants were led through a series of workshops by Kitchenband and Toasterlab, to create, film and edit VR experiences inspired by the story and history of the Albion Community and library. These immersive VR experiences are now part of a public installation in the Albion Public Library.

The Albion VR Project was part of Artists in the Library. 


Lead Artist: Kitchenband - Erin Brandenburg

For Toasterlab: Ian Garrett, Justine Garrett, Andrew Sempere

Albion VR Project Participants: Roger Chan, Ines Habara, Priyanshi Ramani, Gunika Shinji


Featuring: Erin Brandenburg, Roger Chan, Philip Cote, Frank Cox-O’Connell, Ian Garrett, Miss Coco Murray, The Navrang Dance Academy, Ines Habara, Priyanshi Ramani, Gunika Shinji, Jennifer Singh, Samra Zahid.


Special Thanks To Karolina Majka, Chris Carelli, Erika Hennebury, The Toronto Arts Council, The Toronto Public Library and All the Staff and patrons of the Albion Branch of the Toronto Public Library.


Illustrations and Design by Howie Shia

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