Photos by Abhishek Chandra


BOBLO created by Erin Brandenburg and  Andrew Penner. 

A play about memory, loss and the traces that remain. The history of an abandoned amusement park on an island in the Detroit River.

Created in Residence at The Theatre Centre.


Directed by Steven McCarthy.

Featuring: Anna Atkinson, Gordon Bolan, George Meanwell, Andrew O'Connor, Trent Pardy, Alan Penner, Andrew Penner, Michael Rosenthal, Amy Rutherford, Sophia Walker.

Set and Costumes by Jung-Hye Kim, Projection Design by Elisha Poirier,

Lighting Design by Rebecca Picherak, Stage Management by Kaleigh Krystofiak

Nominated for 5 Dora Awards, winner of 2: 

Sound Design and Composition (Andrew Penner, Andrew O'Connor), and Lighting (Rebecca Picherak).

"the genius of BOBLO was that it somehow managed to distill the surreality of memory surrounding the place, the sensory, impressionistic recollections that fit together ill and seem more impossible the more time that passes." -

Music of BOBLO available now on iTunes.

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