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BOBLO Island Sound Map

The BOBLO Island Soundmap is a performed multimedia installation about Boblo Island, based off the larger theatrical work 'BOBLO' created and co-produced by Kitchenband and the Theatre Centre in Toronto. The project explores these histories and the traces of memory left behind through a collage of text, visual, music, and radio transmissions. Part narrative documentary, part fiction the half hour performance weaves together interviews and history about the island with narratives and music from the larger stage version. Disembodied voices, music, and soundscapes are diffused throughout the space, and emit from different radios, speakers, and carnival themed set pieces, blending with the video design to create a unique immersive experience.

Boblo Island Soundmap features video design by Elysha Poirier, text by Erin Brandenburg, music by Andrew Penner, sculptures by Iner Souster, live radio transmissions and sound design by Andrew O’Connor. Featuring: Trent Pardy and Sophia Walker.

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