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Detroit Time Machine

Illustration by Howie Shia

Called 'music for the undead to dance to,' Detroit Time Machine melds original music, playable sculpture art and video imagery to explore the rise and fall of industrial Detroit. This piece brings together some of Canada’s top indie musicians with award-winning visual artists and theatre makers to create an apocalyptic tribute to the era of mechanization and the future of the industrial world.

created by Detroit Time Machine
directed by Erin Brandenburg
musical direction by Andrew Penner
music and lyrics by Andrew Penner, Brian Poirier and Iner Souster
instruments and set created by Iner Souster
Costume Design by Rachel Ford

Visual Design and animation by Howie Shia
performed by Gordon Bolan, Erin Brandenburg, Alan Penner, Andrew Penner, Brian Poirier and Iner Souster

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