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Erin Brandenburg and Andrew Penner in Pe


Co-created and co-written by

Lauren Taylor and Erin Brandenburg.

Music by Andrew Penner.

Directed by Lauren Taylor

Dramaturg Lauren Taylor

Performed by Erin Brandenburg, Andrew Penner, Gordon Bolan, Dave McEathron

Set and Instruments by Iner Souster

Projection and Animation by Howie Shia

Stage Managed by Leah Simone Bowen

Movement by Monica Dottor

Photo by Ed Gass Donnelly

“NNNN - Like a dusty small-town museum brought to life, this ensemble piece – which also features a three-piece folk band – resurrects the rich but nearly forgotten history of Pelee, an island nestled in the heart of Lake Erie.
Brandenburg and co-writer/director Lauren Taylor balance backwoods humour with solid history to create an entertaining and almost magical window on Canada’s past.” - NOW Magazine

“This charming combo of music and storytelling . . . the real star here is the music. Played on a variety of old and fancifully homemade instruments, it somehow manages to be simultaneously evocative, haunting and exuberant.  Freaky. A Very compelling piece of Canadiana.” -

Clever and charming, Pelee presents a slice of Canadian history that is accessible and enjoyably educational. Sharing the stories surrounding Pelee Island in Southern Ontario, the players combine facts from recorded history with oral extrapolations, visual projections and maps with appropriately old timey music and songs.“  - Eye Weekly 

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