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Henry Svec as Henry in Petrichor by Erin
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Henry Svec as Henry in Petrichor by Erin Brandenburg

Photo by Marcel St Pierre

Written by Erin Brandenburg

Music by Andrew Penner and Henry Svec,

Directed by Erin Brandenburg,

Set and Instruments by Iner Souster,

Movement Direction by Monica Dottor

Featuring: Andrew Penner, Brian Poirier, Kevin MacDonald, Shannon Taylor, Monica Dottor, Henry Adam Svec and David Tompa.


Stage Management by Veronica Formosa.

First presented as part of HATCH: emerging performance projects at Harbourfron Centre

Developed at the Banff Playwrights Lab

Premiered at SummerWorks Performance Projects


 ****  Kitchenband offers an elegiac window into the lives of migrant Mennonite workers in Canada.  but the real draw is the music. Performed on a series of improvised ‘junkstruments’ that double as farm equipment, Petrichor‘s songs are solemn bluegrass odes to the stark beauty of the rural Canadian landscape. There are no toe-tapping dance numbers to be found, but the music (composed by cast members Henry Adam Svec and Andrew Penner) taps into a profound sadness that lingers with you long after the lights have come up."  Torontoist

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