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Erin Brandenburg in Reesor, Next Stage F

Photos by Ed Gass Donnelly

Andrew Penner in Reesor.jpg
Erin Brandenburg in Reesor.jpg


Co-created and co-written by

Lauren Taylor and Erin Brandenburg.

Music by Andrew Penner.

Directed by Lauren Taylor

Dramaturg Lauren Taylor

Instruments by Iner Souster

Set Design by Kevin MacDonald

Performed by Erin Brandenburg, Andrew Penner, Gordon Bolan, Dave McEathron

Reesor tells the story of a pioneer settlement in Northern Ontario during the 1920's.  Seen through the eyes of Anna Wiens, a 12-year old Mennonite refugee from Russia and accompanied by a live band playing original handmade instruments, we see the birth, growth and eventual decline of the community.  Reesor gives a theatrical look at a forgotten part of Canadian history and the mysteries of the North.  

“NNNNN - Using the simplest of storytelling methods, including shadow puppetry and a soundscape played on traditional instruments and found objects, Reesor is grassroots theatre at its best.” - NOW Magazine


“Reesor is an absolutely vital and wonderful addition to the rural Canadian genre, managing to be surprising, optimistic, and utterly original. Bound to be popular with audiences of all ages.” -

Presented at The Toronto Fringe Festival, Best of The Fringe, Next Stage Festival, New Harvest Festival, St Jacobs Church Theatre.

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